Private Health Services Regulatory Council

Ministry of Health

 About Us

In summary PHSRC is composed of 12 ex-officio members and 16 appointed members forming a total of 28.

Private Health Services Regulatory council was first appointed by the Hon. Minister of Healthcare and Nutrition then on 26th of December 2006 with 12 Ex-officio Members and 16 Appointed Members.With the change of the portfolio of Ministry of Healthcare to Ministry of Health some members were reappointed and some were appointed as new members. More recently in 2012 several new members were also appointed.
PHSRC members meet every month and customarily fall on afternoon of every 2nd Friday of the month. It has several sub committees of which the members meet every Friday afternoons other than the 2nd Friday again as a custom.


Composition of PHSRC

  • Director General of Health Services – Chairman-1
  • Director Private Health Sector Development – Secretary-1
  • Provincial Directors of Health Services-9
  • Sri Lanka Medical Council -1
  • Sri Lanka Dental Association -1
  • Independent Medical Practioners Association-1
  • Medical Practioners Association-1
  • Association of Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes-9
  • Field of Law-1
  • Field of Nursing-1
  • Field of Finance-1
  • Field of Manegement -1



  • Private Health Services Regulatory Council
  • No. 2A, CBM House, 4th Floor, Lake Drive,
  • Colombo 08.
  • +94 011 2672 911 / 2672 912
  • +94 011 2672 913