Private Health Services Regulatory Council

Ministry of Health

Why register at PHSRC ?

According to the Private Medical Institutions (Registration) Act No 21 of 2006 which is certified on 14th July 2006 by the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, no person shall establish or maintain on any specified premises or operate or permit any other person to operate, a Private Medical Institution, except under the authority of a Certificate of Registration. Any person who contravenes the provisions of the above shall be guilty of an offence. This brings a mandatory requirement of registering all private medical institutions in Sri Lanka.

Benefits for the Private Medical Institutions

Upon registration private medical institute will get a ”Registration Certificate” and a “Recagnition Board” which indicate that the institute is confirmed to the standards stipulated by the Private Health Services Regulatory Council.
Private Medical Institute will have the easy access to the information circulars and guidelines issued by Ministry of Health and Private Health Services Regulatory Council in time to time.
The requests for assistance in human resource developments, Ministry of Health looks for the status of registration and facilitates if registered only.
The institute get additional benefits such as duty levies for the medical and surgical instruments and even to ambulances they import with the approval of the Ministry of Health.
Some organizations like banks and insurance companies consider PHSRC registration when granting loans and even re paying the expenses for the customers.

Message to the General Public

When offering such “Registration” and “Recognition” PHSRC expects the Private Medical Institute to provide safe, efficient and quality health care services to its service seekers.
So, when you seek treatment and care from a Private Medical Institution look for either “Registration Certificate “ or “Recognition Board” or both issued by PHSRC. Such institutes are expected to provide safe, efficient and quality health care services to you, your family members and friends.
Some insurance companies may not reimburse your expenses, if the institute which you have obtained the services is not registered.



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